Social Mediology?

Social Mediology

social mediology angled copyThe study of social media from a psychology based perspective. Social Mediology focuses on the psychology of the user in diverse digital environments.  It is concerned with the learning and knowledge of how users behave, create, maintain, or deconstruct a social media culture as a group and as it applies to the individual.  It is interested in both the mental process and behavior of the individual user or groups of individuals that use specific social media platforms and how these behaviors are similar and/or unique from platform to platform.  It is also interested in how individuals and groups behave similarly or uniquely from these virtual social media platforms to face to face interpersonal society.  It is further interested if differences in behavior change as a result of digital technology developments such as smart phones, tablets, etc.  It encompasses all the areas and disciplines of psychology including but not limited to neuropsychology, behavioral psychology, cognitive psychology, social psychology and psychological anthropology and related disciplines.

Social mediology is concerned with applying psychological principles gleaned from the research and study the user(s) of these platforms to other aspects of society for both personal and commercial benefits of both the user, prospective user and/or the institution.  The study then is concerned with how social media usage affects business, careers, education etc., as well as personal and social relationships and experiences and the practical applications of said study and research.

Social Mediologists are those who study social media from a psychological scientific point of view and apply these principles in a variety of commercial and individual environments.  The purpose of which is to enhance the user(s) relationships and experience.  This too includes personal relationships, business relationships, consumer to business relationships, business to consumer relationships, and business to business relationships that are conducted with in the social media platform and its effects on these entities real life enviornments.

The definition of social mediology was coined by Suzanne Leavitt Murray editor for Style Matters, and Defined by Jay Izso, author of the book “Got Social Mediology?”  Mr. Izso also makes his claim as the first social mediologist where he studies and researches social media user psychology and applies this knowledge to real life environments.

NOTE:  Social mediology is not a division of the American Psychological Association (APA) or a sub group of media psychology (APA Division 46).